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Counting the Cost of Arming Public Safety

During my undergraduate days (not long ago), I had a life-changing encounter with a Public Safety officer. I had been staying in my apartment in Saint & Elliot for Christmas break since I didn’t really have a home to return to. I wasn’t the only one staying back; there was one other white guy on my floor who hadn’t returned home, and my roommate who was from Thailand hung back at the apartment as well. After returning to campus from what was probably a late lunch at Mai Thai, I walked up to the second floor of my building, opened the door and walked directly to my room. Realizing that I hadn’t heard the door shut all the way, I turned around to a young man standing outside my bedroom door, deathly afraid, and staring at me for what seemed like forever.

“What are you doing here?!”

“I live here.”

“Let me see your ID.”

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Who’s Speaking?

In the 2016 spring semester, there were forty-four chapels. The schedule, provided by the chaplain’s office, named thirty-three speakers. Only five were women. I was not surprised. After attending chapel for five semesters, I knew this as the norm. But during my sixth semester, I… Read More

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Gender and Turbo Kick

Victoria, the group fitness instructor, leads a hip rotation movement in the middle of an ab routine she created. I am the only regularly attending male in the primarily female Turbo Kick class of 25-35 participants. I focus on my core muscles while rotating my… Read More

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Valuing Linguistic Diversity

When I first moved to the United States as a second grader, I knew three words of English: “one,” “two,” and “three.” By the time ninth grade rolled around, I knew three words of my native language, Bahasa Indonesia: “satu,” “dua,” and “tiga.” As immigrants,… Read More