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Join Us: March Against Silence

Dear Wheaton Community:

The end of the semester is finally upon us. Soon (if not already) we will be burying ourselves in books at Buswell, reading over that same paragraph thirty times, and trying to memorize concepts and vocabulary that we’ll forget next semester. Some of us are very excited about the thought of returning home, sleeping in our own beds, watching Netflix, and spending time with loved ones during the holiday season.

For others, returning home means dealing with more stress-inducing conversations about what will happen once President-elect Trump takes office. Some of us worry about the effects of “law and order” and policing in vulnerable communities or about what will be our family’s next steps if deported in the coming year, as we watch story after story about hate crimes targeted at our own communities. Read More

Does Love Trump Hate?

This election has me at a loss. The hatred and vitriol oozing from the pores of society is tangible. The physical and emotional violence leveraged against minorities as a direct result of the legitimacy granted to the rhetoric and actions of Donald Trump is astounding.… Read More

Who’s Speaking?

In the 2016 spring semester, there were forty-four chapels. The schedule, provided by the chaplain’s office, named thirty-three speakers. Only five were women. I was not surprised. After attending chapel for five semesters, I knew this as the norm. But during my sixth semester, I… Read More