The Tide’s Mission:

The Tide is an independent publication run by a group of students from Wheaton College, IL. We exist to publish thoughtful, respectful, progressive ideas from within the Wheaton community.

We strive to publish work that gives voice to the diversity of voices within our community, spurs deeper campus engagement, creates community change, and moves Wheaton to more fully reflect the Kingdom of God.

By not seeking institutional support, The Tide maintains greater freedom to publish a range of ideas, including those which are critical of the status quo. The Tide is published online, through mediums that are most relevant to how students discuss issues. It strives to fill the vacuum of honest online discussion, which is otherwise occupied only by anonymous forums (Wheaton Confessions) and select, institutionally approved pieces by student publications.

The Tide’s existence is rooted in our love for this community, and in our hope for Wheaton: that it will continually develop into an increasingly inclusive and thoughtful community (Phil 1:9-11). 

Defining Characteristics:

Everything published or supported by The Tide should be characterized by the following attributes:

Thoughtful: We believe that critical engagement requires thoughtful study. For many reasons, as people, we tend to form oversimplified opinions. In our informationally-dense and technologically-mediated discourse communities, this tendency is often exacerbated. The Tide believes that Christ’s command to love our neighbor necessitates sincere attempts to understand the perspectives and experiences of others. It calls us to deeply engage the nuances and complexities of both the opinions and beliefs we hold and those we may wish to dispute.

As students in a university setting, we recognize that we have a unique opportunity to explore deep levels of knowledge and engagement. Thus, The Tide is committed to publishing and supporting opinions that are well-researched in exposition, honest in memoir, nuanced in perspective, and that offer a deep level of analysis.

Respectful: We believe that all humans are created by God and possess inherent dignity. We acknowledge that it is hardest to recognize this truth when disagreement arises. Nonetheless, this publication is committed to seeing the full value of human beings upheld–including that of those with whom we might disagree.

While The Tide reserves the right to engage rigorously and critically with ideas and events in our community, we strive to publish all criticism in a spirit of respect. Tide will not publish any material that contains slander or libel or that degrades the worth of any individual.

Progressive: Challenging the status quo in pursuit of justice is essential to the continued growth of any community. At Wheaton, the cultural norm tends toward the avoidance of conflict to enable a false sense of unity. We believe that true Christian unity is not found in the absence of conflict, however, but in authentic love in response to the work of Christ on the cross. We believe that Christ’s love, which casts out fear, should free our community to consider to a wide variety of critical perspectives and conversations.

With the aim of fostering this kind of inclusive and authentic community, The Tide will publish ideas that reflect the diversity of thought on campus. This will include ideas that may be deemed unorthodox. The motivation for promoting these ideas is our desire to pursue a more just campus community.

The Tide Team

Ellie Roth | Editor in Chief

Hannah Berg | Assistant Editor, Social Media Coordinator

Michal Gliszewski | Graphic Design

Sarah Neubaum | Writer and Copy Editor

Laura Howard | Writer and Copy Editor

Abby Bowman | Copy Editor

Grace Brazell | Copy Editor

Suzanna Hersey | Copy Editor

Basye Peek | Writer and Copy Editor

Brady Woods | Writer

Grace Collard | Writer

The Tide was founded and run for the first year by Carter Harms, Wyatt Harms, and Myra Hooks.